If you work long hours and have a dog that needs a lot of attention, you may find that the best solution is doggy daycare. For first-time doggy daycare visitors, the process can be a little bit overwhelming. A little bit of advanced preparation can help you to build a relationship with the daycare facility and ease the transition for your pup. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your dog's first days at a doggy daycare service.

Call Ahead About Special Needs

If you have a dog with a special diet, a timid personality or separation anxiety, you should call the daycare center ahead of time to talk about it. You can usually bring special food provided that you label it clearly. In addition, if your dog has any allergies or food aggressions, you'll want to let them know.

Food aggressive dogs should be fed in an area separate from other dogs to avoid any potential altercations. Some dog owners hesitate to tell some doggy daycare centers and kennels about things like this out of fear of judgement about their dog's temperament, but you could be inviting a lot more trouble if you don't mention it and something happens.

Make The Transition Easy

Particularly if you've never left your dog anywhere before, the transition into a doggy daycare facility can be a tough one. Don't let your nerves get the better of you. Your dog will sense any anxiety, and that may make it harder when you leave. Say goodbye quickly, without getting upset or making a big deal about it. Then, hand the leash to the daycare staff and go about your way. Your pup will be fine.

Expect Some Fatigue

Much like young kids after a first day at preschool or daycare, your dog is likely to be a bit tired when you pick him up and bring him home. Remember that the environment will have a lot more stimulation with other dogs and new things to do, so your dog may not rest as much during the day. Add to that the added exercise of playing with the other dogs, and you may have one tuckered out pooch. It usually takes several days for your dog to settle into the new environment and start resting a bit during the day.

With these tips, you'll be able to spend your day focused on work without worrying that your dog needs something. The daycare facility will take good care of your pup. Find a local doggy daycare, such as http://www.dailywag.com, to see what your options are.