Unlike humans, our pets cannot tell us when something is wrong. When it comes to cats, they tend to be even more difficult to diagnose in a case of illness or something being physically wrong with them. Cats tend to hide their discomfort, causing pet owners to scratch their heads when they find out kitty is ill. If you have a cat and are concerned about their health, here are a few indicators to pay attention to in case they may need a trip to the vet.

Unusual Changes In Energy

If you cat is normally highly active and loves to play, there could be something wrong if they are not being responsive. Most cats are naturally curious, so if you notice that your kitty seems lethargic or is sleeping more than usual, it could indicate they are sick. If this behavior persists for more than a full day or two, you should have your cat checked out.

Differences In Eating And Drinking

Any significant changes in eating and drinking habits can also be an indicator your cat isn't well. They could be eating a lot more and a lot quicker than usual, or they could be refusing to eat at all. Eating habit changes typically means your cat could be facing liver problems which are extremely dangerous. The same goes for their drinking habits. If your kitty is drinking a lot more or urinating more frequently, it might be a sign of feline diabetes or a urinary tract infection.

Odd Behavior

If your cat is usually friendly and docile and starts to show signs of aggression, there could be something physically wrong. Cats who do not feel well also tend to hide and will not respond to your calls. Since cats do not like to have a lot of attention placed on them when they're sick, these behavioral changes are a sign you should have them checked out as soon as possible.

Bathroom Habit Changes

Cats typically only use their litter box when they need to go to the bathroom. If your cat is starting to use the bathroom on the floor or in unsuspecting places, you should definitely have this addressed with the veterinarian. It could be a stomach problem or some other internal issue that needs medical attention.

Other Signs To Look For

Sudden fur coat loss or too much scratching may mean your cat has an infection or a parasite issue. This is also a common cause of your cat's ears emitting a strong, foul odor. If kitty has worse breath than normal, this could also be an issue such as a dental disease or other ailment. As long as you know what is normal for your cat, you can more closely observe them and recognize if something may be wrong so you can get it taken care of as soon as possible.