Veterinary practices and animal hospitals can only grow in one of two ways: add new customers or increase business from existing customers. In sales, it is much easier to gain more business for your animal hospital from an existing customer than from a new customer, so it makes sense to look at how to increase your business with existing customers. But, how exactly do you do that?

Proactively Schedule and Follow Up

People are more likely to keep a visit they have already booked than to remember to schedule their next pet visit. Change your checkout practices so you schedule follow-up checkups, even for routine wellness checks, when a customer is paying for services.

Once you have the visits scheduled, take the time to remind your customers of their pet's upcoming vet appointment. Look at your reminder system and follow best practices. In general, sending 3 reminders, 30 days apart, has shown to generate the best results. You should have an 80 to 85 percent response rate to your reminders if you are doing them correctly.

Educate Your Existing Cat Customers on Important Vet Care

Cats represent a significant growth potential from your existing clients. There is an 80% growth potential to be realized by educating your existing cat owners on the importance of proper veterinary care.

Why is there such growth potential? There are 13% more cats than dogs, but cat owners are not as well educated on the importance of proper veterinary care as dog owners. If you educate each cat owner on the importance of regular visits as well as the illnesses their cats could face, you could increase your business from your existing cat owners.

Ask Customers about Medicine and Food Refill Needs

Selling involves adding more product or services to any initial sale. The front office staff can help you to grow your business by asking customers at time of check-in or checkout if they need refills of key medicine or pet food. Use your records to make sure your front office staff knows about the last time medication, such as heartworm medicine, was purchased so they can ask about specific refills.

Promote Your Products

To get your customers thinking about other products that you offer, consider adding small spots on your answering service about current products or offers. These could be special offers on food or discounted services.

Place products within easy view near the check-in counter. You can pick up extra sales by capitalizing on impulse buys. Obvious choices would be pet treats, toys, or accessories.

Growing your animal hospital's revenue is an important part of having a successful business. Your existing customers can benefit from important product and services that you have to offer if you promote such things correctly.