You might know that skunks can spray a very unpleasant smell when they feel threatened. This is one of the reasons why people try to stay away from skunks. The following guide will help you avoid skunks and show you what to do should you encounter one on your property. 

Tips To Avoid Skunks

  • Avoid walking at night, as these creatures are nocturnal, and stay away from off-roads as well.
  • Do not go near dens, which could have an opening of 4 to 6 inches. You might also notice a musky smell coming from the den.
  • Do not leave food outside of a trash bag. Consider trash bags that trap odors to decrease the chance of skunks and other rodents coming near your home. 

Be sure to talk to your skunk removal specialist if you find that a skunk has made your home its home, or if you live in a neighborhood where you have spotted several skunks, as you may be able to avoid the following situation.  

What to Do If You Encounter a Skunk

  • Remain quiet when you encounter a skunk, as noise might scare the creature.
  • Do not attempt to run, and do your best to move slowly because skunks are nearsighted, which makes it easy for them to get scared.
  • Continue to move away slowly.

You should also know the following tell-signs that the skunk you encountered is preparing to spray you:

  1. The skunk will begin to stomp his or her front paws on the floor rapidly.
  2. There may be some hissing or snarling.
  3. The skunk may raise its tail.
  4. The animal may stand on its hind legs before spraying you; some may even stand on their head.
  5. The skunk will point his or her behind directly at you before spraying. Skunks can spray 10 feet from where he or she stands. 

If you notice any of the spray-preparation signs just mentioned, you should get away as quickly as possible. Remember that some people have extreme reactions to skunk spray, especially if the liquid hits the eyes or the nose. So, protect your nose and eyes if you have no choice, and be prepared to call for help. 

Hopefully this guide will help your prevent a skunk encounter and be prepared to deal with one if the situation arises. As mentioned earlier, you should not hesitate talking to your skunk-removal specialist if a skunk is already living on your property because you may be able to avoid being sprayed or scratched. For more information, contact Animal Control Specialists Inc or a similar company.