Whether you already have a first-aid kit for your pet or are considering putting one together, styptic powder is something you should include. Styptic powder can help to stop or slow bleeding when pets get cuts or other injuries. This guide will explain everything you need to know about styptic powder.

What is Styptic Powder?

Styptic powder is a type of antihemmorhagic, which basically means something that stops bleeding or hemorrhaging. It's made out of a chemical compound called aluminium sulfate, it's safe for both cats and dogs, and is widely used by veterinarians and groomers to stop bleeding from minor cuts and wounds.

What is Styptic Powder Good For?

Styptic powder is an easy way to slow or stop the flow of blood if your pet is injured. If you're in an emergency situation and it'll take some time to get your pet to a vet, stopping the bleeding from a wound is critical. Styptic powder can help you to do that, by itself or in combination with bandages or compresses to slow the flow of blood.

How Does Styptic Powder Work?

Styptic powder causes the blood vessels to constrict or contract, lessening the flow of blood. In more serious injuries, this simply slows the bloodflow, but in minor cuts, it can stop it entirely, or slow it to the point where the body creates a clot and stops bleeding naturally.

How Do You Use Styptic Powder?

Styptic powder is sold either in powder form or as a stick, so it depends on which version you purchase.

If you use the powder variety, follow the directions on the container to figure out how much you need. Measure out the portion it suggests, then pour it directly into your pet's wound. You can then apply gauze or a bandage over it to encourage the wound to heal and the blood flow to slow.

If you use the styptic powder stick, just press the stick against the wound. The stick is still made of powder, so small quantities of the powder will break up and enter the wound, achieving the same effect as the loose powder without the need to measure it first.

Where Do You Get It?

Styptic powder is sold by most major pet stores, so you can easily pick it up on your next trip to buy pet food or other supplies. If you can't find it there, your veterinarian like one from All Care Pet Hospital of Harbour Point may sell it or be able to suggest where you can get it.

Styptic powder is a great emergency tool for slowing or stopping blood flow when your pet is injured. Having one on-hand at all times for emergencies may protect your pet's life, especially if your vet is far from home.