A new kitten can be a wonderful addition to your family, but it is an unfortunate fact that many people have never owned a kitten before. This can cause them to be unsure of what is needed to provide for these animals. By understanding the benefits of these tips, you can help ensure that your kitten grows into a well-adjusted adult cat. 

Provide Your Kitten With A Hiding Place When Being Exposed To New Things

As your kitten grows, you will have to expose them to a variety of frightening objects. Often, the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or any other loud appliances can cause your kitten's stress levels to spike. Luckily, you can help mitigate this problem by always having a safe hiding spot for your kitten when you will be using these items. 

A shoebox or other small container will provide your kitten with an area it can retreat to when there are scary appliances in the house. This can also provide them with shelter when there are strangers in the home or other pets, and to provide the maximum sense of security, you should keep this box somewhere that will be difficult for visitors or other pets to reach. 

Know How To Discipline Your Kitten

Kittens are notorious for being curious and stubborn, which can cause them to quickly start getting into trouble around your home. Unfortunately, there are many people that are unsure of the steps needed to discipline a kitten. As a result, they may resort to corporal punishment, which is seldom an effective way of training an animal. 

You can quickly cause your kitten to learn to avoid certain areas or actions with the simple use of a spray bottle or by clapping your hands. A quick spray of water is usually sufficient to cause the cat to flee the area, but you must avoid overusing this disciplinary tactic because the cat may become accustomed to the water. Loud claps can be another option for registering your displeasure with your kitten, which can help you to keep them from losing their fear of the spray bottle. 

Raising a kitten can be a difficult task if you are unsure of what is needed to raise a well-adjusted cat. By knowing the benefits of providing your kitten with a private space to hide and how to effectively administer discipline, you can help ensure that your kitten grows into a loving and well-behaved adult cat. 

For more tips on raising your new kitten, contact a veterinarian at a clinic like Gulfport Veterinarian.