Frogs can make wonderful pets- there are a number of species that are suitable to keep at home. Unlike dogs and cats, many people do not know the ins and outs of caring for a frog. Use the following tips to keep your pet frog happy and healthy:

Create the Proper Environment

The proper environment for your frog will depend on its species. Almost all frogs can live inside a regular aquarium. If you have a frog species that is completely aquatic all you will need is rocks and clean water. However, many frog species spend their time both in the water and on land, so if you purchase one of these species you will have to create a barrier within the aquarium so one side contains water while the other side has dirt, sand, and rocks. Make sure you know what species you are buying when you are looking for amphibians for sale. No matter what type of frog you have, you will need a screen for the top of its aquarium- the last thing you want is for your pet frog to jump out of its home. Pay attention to the condition of your frog's aquarium and be prepared to clean it regularly to prevent algae growth.

Avoid Handling Your Frog

Frogs can be fascinating to watch and observe, but they are not the type of pet that does well being handled. Many frog species find being picked up very stressful and it is not uncommon for them to squirm when in a persons hands. Another issue with handling your frog is the fact that they absorb things through their skin, so any soap, lotion, or even sweat on your hands can actually harm your pet. While there may be rare situations where you need to handle your frog, it is best for you to leave it alone within its aquarium.

Feeding Your Pet Frog

You can't just pick up a bag of frog kibble and leave it in a bowl inside your frog's aquarium. Frogs like to eat live food, so if you have a pet frog you will need to plan accordingly to buy live food from your local pet shop. Most frogs love to eat crickets. Worms or night crawlers are also a good option. 

Make Sure Your Frog Has Room to Exercise

The health and happiness of your frog will partly rely on it having plenty of space to exercise and move around in his aquarium. Make sure there is open space for hopping, but also include rocks and logs for it to explore and climb on.