If you will be going away on vacation this summer, and you have recently gotten a new pet, you may wonder what you should do about having your pet cared for while you are away. There are a few options you can take, each having their own benefits and disadvantages. Pet boarding has become increasingly popular due to the number of amenities your pet will be able to enjoy while staying on site. Here are some of the positive points you can expect when bringing your pet to a boarding facility when you go away.

Social Time

When you bring your pet to a boarding facility, your pet will have the advantage of having someone there to talk to them, comfort them and keep them busy. When a pet is at home for an extended period, they tend to become lonely and anxious. If your pet is social, it will be able to spend time with other dogs or cats, as well.

For dogs, there are set play times where your dog would be able to run around in an enclosed area while supervised. If your dog is not keen on spending time with other pets, it can stay in its own area while enjoying social time with people instead of other animals.


If your pet requires special dietary needs, someone at the facility will be able to keep track of your pet's intake and make sure they receive food that you have provided. If your pet needs close monitoring when eating, someone will be able to keep track of this, as well. You will not need to worry about your pet eating all the food you had left out before you left or that they are out of water.

Emergency Care

You will not need to worry about your cat or dog having an illness or ailment when you are away. Someone is available at all hours to administer needed medications according to your specifications. If your pet happens to have an emergency while you are away, there is a veterinarian on site or on call so that your pet will be cared for promptly and effectively.


Many pet boarding facilities offer grooming services right on site. You will be able to let the facility know which services you are interested in, and they will administer them during your pet's stay. Some favorites include bathing, nail clipping and flea treatments. This saves you time when you come home from your vacation, as your pet will already be groomed and ready for pick up, rather than you needing to bring them somewhere else after you arrive.