Did you know that many doggy daycare and boarding facilities offer extra services in addition to simply watching your precious pups? If you want an all-in-one care service, you might want to look for dog boarding facilities that offer these additional options.

1. Grooming and Clipping

If you have a dog with long fur or nails that just don't stop growing, having a groomer at your dog boarding facility can make your life much easier. Many dog boarding facilities let you get your pet groomed while they're on premise or have a groomer that they can call in for appointments. That way you don't need to worry about having to take time out of your schedule.

2. Vaccinations

Boarding facilities all require that you get your dog vaccinated properly before being boarded -- otherwise your pup could get other dogs sick. But did you know that some boarding facilities also offer basic veterinary procedures such as vaccinations too? Vaccines are actually fairly easy to administer; many breeders do their own vaccinations. This can save you some hassle, as the boarding facility will already have all of your pet's vaccination charts. 

3. Obedience Classes

Are you having a hard time with your puppy's training? Some boarding facilities offer obedience classes that your dog can take either alone or with others. Not only do these classes help you teach your dog, but they also help you relate to your dog and understand some of your dog's behaviors. They will also help your dog get used to the staff at the dog boarding facility and feel more at ease when left there. 

4. Socialization

Do you have a young puppy? Socialization is exceptionally important for young dogs; through socialization, they learn doggy behaviors, such as how to play and interact with other dogs. Look for a dog boarding facility that offers socialization with other puppies, so that your dog can get to know a variety of animals and behaviors without being intimidated by older dogs. It's just like a puppy preschool! In the first half year of their life, puppies should get to meet dozens (if not hundreds) of other dogs -- this will improve their behavior and ensure that they are dog-friendly as an adult. 

By getting a dog boarding service that offers all or any of the above services, you can greatly reduce the frustration in your beloved pet's daily life. Just get everything done at once -- and you might even get a discount. Contact a dog boarding service like All Creatures Inn today.