Making the decision to visit the emergency vet instead of your regular vet can be hard, especially if you are someone that would prefer to always have your pet seen by the veterinarian that you are used to and that knows your pet's complete medical history. However, there might come a time when it is best to make sure that you are taking your furry friend to an emergency vet because there just is not enough time to wait for the normal business hours of your regular veterinarian. To help you know when that might be, you will want to take a look at the following signs that it is time for some emergency care.

Automobile Accident

Whether your pet was struck by a vehicle or was riding in the back of a pickup truck and toppled out, it is vital that you make the trip to the emergency vet. Even if your pet looks as though there are no major injuries, there could be internal bleeding that needs to be stopped and you would never know unless you seek prompt emergency help.

Nonstop Vomiting

Sure, a little vomit here or there is nothing to cause you to go into a complete panic. Your pet might just have a touch of the stomach bug or might have gotten into some garbage that upset its stomach. However, if you find that your pet is vomiting non-stop, there could be a more serious issue at hand. You also do not want to find out that your pet became so dehydrated that it caused more medical problems.

Unable To Walk

Whether this is a problem that crept up slowly or it was sudden, you might want to take your pet to the emergency vet. This way, the situation can be quickly evaluated so that your pet might be able to regain its strength in its legs. After all, your pet cannot be left in a situation where it is unable to go outside to relieve itself or make it over to the water and food bowls. 

As you can see, there might be a wide variety of problems that would cause you to need to go to the emergency vet, but each is important. If you happen to find that your pet is having issues with anything mentioned above, you need to call the emergency vet. Also, should you notice anything else that strikes you as odd and is concerning you, you can go to the emergency vet. After all, it is much better to be safe than sorry. For more information about animal care, contact a company like Vet Stop Animal Clinics.