Are you thinking about obtaining pet insurance to protect your beloved family pet? Pet insurance isn't like human health insurance; there are some situations in which it's sensible and other situations in which it may be unnecessary. Here are a few factors that you should consider before signing up for a policy.

1. How Old Is Your Pet?

Pet insurance is almost always much more affordable when you purchase it when your pet is still young. If your pet is older, you may find that the cost of getting a new policy is prohibitively expensive; in other words, it may be cheaper to set aside money every month rather than sign up for an expensive insurance policy. However, if your pet is young, such as a kitten or a puppy, you may find that the benefits exceed the cost.

2. Does Your Pet's Breed Have Any Specific Issues?

There are specific breeds of pet that are more prone to issues. As an example, golden retrievers often have issues with hip dysplasia. If you believe that your pet has a predisposition towards a health problem, it's often sensible to have insurance. If you have a purebred pet, you may want to inquire with the breeder as to any potential problems in the animal's lineage.

3. Is Your Pet a Popular Type of Pet?

Exotic animals often cost much more to insure than common pets such as cats and dogs. This is because it usually costs more for their medical care and because they may have obscure health issues that veterinarians aren't used to dealing with. If you have an unusual pet, you may want to discuss their future care with an exotic animal veterinarian before you go any further. 

4. Do You Have a Lot of Cash at Hand?

If you have the cash at hand to pay for unexpected vet bills, you may not be too worried about getting insurance. But if you don't have the extra cash, it becomes even more important to get insurance. Many pet hospitals cannot or will not treat a pet if they don't have payment ahead of time. An insurance company, in these situations, could mean the difference between your pet getting treatment immediately or not. 

Before you sign up for pet insurance, you may want to inquire with your local pet hospital, like Northwest Animal Hospital And Pet Care Center PC, as to whether they already have an existing relationship with an insurance company. If they do, you will often find that it's much easier to deal with the insurance company that they have a preexisting agreement with.