A while back there were many robberies in my parents neighborhood, which left them feeling uneasy. They looked into alarm systems but didn't really like that option. My parents have always loved dogs though, so my mom decided to find a big protective dog for her alarm system. She decided on a German Shepard and began to look for German Shepherd breeders in Indiana. My mom is quite picky about dogs, she breed and raised pure breed Yorkshire Terriers for many years. She wanted to make sure she found reputable German Shepherd breeders in Indiana with pure breed pups. My mom did her research and found a great breeder. She was able to pick a beautiful puppy to bring home. She and the German Shepherd breeder have become fast friends and the breeder loves to get to see the puppy as she has grown. My mom named her puppy Bella, and she loves Bella better than any dog she has ever had. Bella is a great German Shepherd and is extremely loyal and sweet. Bella does have a big bard now that she is growing up, which would definitely scare away a prowler. My parents are so happy that they found such a great breeder with amazing puppies like Bella. Click here for more breeders in your area. Share